Why Us

What Makes Us Stand Out From Other Electricians San Diego?

Massella Electric Typical San Diego Electricians

Clean Up Guarantee – 

If cleanliness doesn’t meet your satisfaction, get $50 off our service.

No Clean Up Guarantee

No guarantee available. Drop cloth… Maybe?!

On Time & On Budget  

When we schedule your service & give you an estimate we will be on time & on budget.

Surprising, Outrageous Pricing – Hidden costs and fees increasing your bill after the estimate.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – 

We won’t leave the job site until you’re satisfied.

Minimum Work Effort – 

No intention in making sure you’re satisfied.

Licenced & Insured – We hold all necessary California State Licenses, Insurance & Workers Comp No Certifications –  No permits, licensing or insurance. No protection if something goes wrong. 
Great Warranty – We offer a 1 year labor warranty & we match manufacturer warranty on all material  No Warranty – Once they leave your job, you’ll never see them again. “Did I just see a ghost?”

When you consider working with any group of electricians San Diego, you want to have a lot of confidence that the team you work with stands out. Because don’t you always want to work with the best? It doesn’t really make sense for you to try and work with the guy who’s kind of good or got some training, but might have some problems and hiccups along the way. You want to work with the company where when you know you call them, they’re definitely going to solve the problem. They won’t cut corners and they won’t do an unfulfilling job with their work. But what they will do is go above and beyond what you may expect and find great relief in working with you. So that’s why you work with Massella Electric! Here are some of the key comparisons you can think about when choosing our company:


Clean Up Guarantee

So keeping a job site or service call clean is a key priority for our electricians San Diego. Just like we need to prioritize the care and health of our own household, we’ve got to show the same appreciation and care for individuals we go and serve in the San Diego community. If we aren’t giving them the same attention and care that we would to our own household, then why would they want to invite us back? Because that’s the goal here. The goal is to be so good and so remarkable with our electrical work, that you would happily want to have us back in your home, in case you had some other electrical issue take place. That’s why it’s so cute and important for you to get yourself set up with a great team like ours, that’s able to do a gangbuster job.


On Time & On Budget

We already discussed this a little bit in our page about the company, but our electricians San Diego need to be on time and on budget with their work. There’s just no exception to this. We know that if we need to schedule a specific time with a customer, they greatly appreciate that. There’s nothing that frustrates customers more than hearing that we’re going to be over at their house sometime today or will be over there between noon and 5. So that means someone’s just got to sit around the house for the entire afternoon and try to plan their day around being at the house for the entire afternoon? We have a lot of busy people out there that can’t just sit at home and wait for an electrician to end up coming by at 5 pm, the end of the day! What if the guy shows up right at 4:30 or 5? That means we have to sit around and wait there longer so this guy can finally leave after doing the work? It’s a disaster when companies are not on time or scheduled with their work and that’s why you have to work with Massella Electric.

Then on top of that, we also are very careful about making sure to give you accurate prices. We look to arrive at your home first and do an accurate assessment with a detailed review of your electrical systems. That way, you’re able to know that we’re going to give you an accurate price that won’t change or suddenly increase because of “unexpected costs. “


Licensed & Insured

This will probably be one of the most important things that you want to consider with electricians San Diego. It’s the fact that they need to be licensed and insured professionals. It’s like if you went to a law office and you wanted to get the legal details taken care of for your divorce case. In order to serve as a lawyer, they obviously need to have proof and validation that they have passed the bar exam and that they are a legitimate lawyer. It would put you at so much risk and it would put the professional at a lot of risk too, if he was not a licensed and approved lawyer. It’s the same way with electricians! Good electricians need to have their licenses taken care of and they also need to have good insurance with a business because lots of things could happen working as an electrician.


Great Warranty

On top of that, a lot of things could happen to the materials that are installed that could be faulty. That’s why we provide really good warranties with our work. For the first year, after we completed the job, and something goes wrong in that first year that has to do with our labor, we will happily come back and make sure to fix the problem at no additional charge. Because why would we charge you for a mistake that we made? So while it might not be a fun day for us, this can let you know that we at least have integrity with our work and want to make sure to stand up for the principles that we have.