Hire Skilled Electricians San Diego

So you need a skilled group of electricians San Diego to be able to come out to your home or come out to your office or to come out to your warehouse facility and fix some electrical problems, right? Well at Massella Electric, we’re able to do a lot of cool things with our work. I mean anything and everything electrical! Whether it has to do with the setting up of wires to the placement of outlets to the repair and replacement panels, we cover all these bases. We consider it to be absolutely important that you get all the necessary details you need to know about our work and some of the areas of expertise that we serve as great electricians.

Our Areas of Expertise as Electricians San Diego


The electrical panel is something that if it was missing, would not be possible to have a good home electrical system. Because without the electrical panel, we wouldn’t have a central Hub or a central place to control all the different electric outlets in a home. so it’s vitally important for each homeowner to have a great and updated electrical panel that falls in line with the electric code that are approved for a area. Often times we will go and visit homes and realize that after doing our assessment of a home’s property to see how safe it is, we find out that the home need to have a replace electrical panel. That’s really not that fun of an experience. So we like to take a deep dive on making sure that you can figure out what you need to know in order to get a good electrical panel and that’s why you should call my cell Electric.


Are you looking for your breaker systems that are able to help keep your home safe from electrical surges and lightning storms that could happen in your area? Well it is time to get in touch with our team at macello Electric, because we will happily replace and inspect your Breakers to make sure they’re all good to go. We know that this can be a detail that some electricians will miss and will Breeze by because they just want to focus on selling you an upgraded panel or focus on selling you lighting upgrades, when really this is going to be the most important area for you to focus on.

Electrical Service/Meter Base

This is a tool that simply used to measure the amount of electricity that your home uses. And if you are a conscious person that wants to try and decrease the amount of electrical output that you have, then it would be important for you to get in touch with her team today so that you can get yourselves prepared and equipped to be able to handle good things with your work.

Grounding System

A grounding system for a home or a commercial business area is used as a backup resource of electricity for someone’s property. So again if you need some good electricians San Diego to be able to come over and do a valid inspection to make sure that you have good grounding systems, then why are you hesitating? you really should get in touch with us so that we can cover these good bases with you.

Home Surge Protection

No surge protection helps to make sure that your home’s electrical property is safe from random outbursts of electricity which can happen to any property. This is why you find a lot of extension cords or different outlet plug-ins to be surge protected because we don’t want a sudden surge of electricity to affect the health of any electrical devices, like for instance cell phones or microwaves or washing machines. You want to make sure that your home is protected from different surges that are able to flare up with electrical systems and that’s why you called our team at Massella Electric to take care of these problems.

Appliances: Major Loads/Condition

Now in a lot of homes and especially in some commercial warehousing places, we know that there are some big machines in operation. For the home friend since, you got washers and dryers and you also have ovens and you also have a pretty big fridges that all take up electricity. All those resources take up a lot of energy, including the heating and air conditioning systems. I mean it gets hot over in California! Cell in order to help fix this problem, you work with a good group of electricians San Diego that are happy to service you and make sure that this area of concern is no longer a concern.


Getting shocked by your electricity is not a fun experience. You see a dramatically take place in movies where people get electrically shocked and it’s not a good thing. So there’s protective measures that you can put in place in your outlets and in your home’s electrical wiring to make sure that you aren’t threatened by getting shocked. And for this concern or any of these concerns I’ve brought up here today, the easiest solution is to call our company or to fill out a form so that we can reach out to you proactively.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Now we all know why these little detectors are important. These guys help us make sure that when there’s smoke in the house, we can alert the fire department or alert ourselves to the problem is that were able to wake up in the middle of the night and call the fire department. And on top of that, we also make sure that these are up-to-date and good to go so that you don’t have to replace them suddenly because they keep beeping for no reason. And we all are not fans of random beeping noises. So that’s why you calling to sell Electric in order to help make sure to cure these problems with your home and with your electrical systems.