About Us

What’s Our Company All About?

Massella Electric is a company that has some of the best electricians San Diego that you can find. The organization got started up by Aaron Massella who is a native to the area and has always enjoyed California. With its sunny beaches, many other climates and environments and no matter what the media might say, there’s always going to be great people that you will interact with in San Diego. He’s on a mission to be able to provide you a team of electricians that go above and beyond the call of duty. These guys are fully equipped to be able to handle any of the residential and commercial electrician needs that you would ask for.

We provide residential and commercial electrician services over in the San Diego area. And while our focus is in San Diego in particular, there are plenty of other cities that we’re able to help out with. He provides residential services for general service calls that people have. So whether your ceiling fan needs to be replaced or your electric panel has died on you or maybe you need to set up new lighting for an outside deck that you just got put together. And instead of using the deck builder in order to help connect you to an electrician to set up lights, you decided to go with an electrician because that’s the person you can trust and the contractor you worked with was a little bit flaky on his consistency.

Those character traits are not what you are going to find with our electricians San Diego. Aaron does a fabulous job at keeping the team accountable and making sure that they stay on task with their work, no matter what distractions or busyness may come up in their lives. It’s important for you as a homeowner to understand that not all electricians are created equal. There are plenty of electricians out there that are lackadaisical with their work, don’t actually have all the qualifications and skills that you would desire and also just aren’t very good people. And what you’ll find with Massella Electric is that we’re on a mission to bring about big goals here, to be a light to the world with our electrical work. As it says in the book of Matthew in the controversial book, The Bible, we are called to be a light on a hill and to be an example to others. As electricians, it works the same! So homeowners or commercial property owners should be aware of what it looks like to be a quality company for electrical work.

So if you’ve been waiting all this time, trying to find an electrical company that’s got the right values in mind to help you out, then read a little further about some of the main details that set us apart as great electricians San Diego.


Over Delivery

First and foremost, our electricians San Diego are trained to find ways to over-deliver with every customer. For starters, we aren’t looking to set ourselves up for failure here and provide you misguided expectations. Things will happen on the job and we don’t want to set “out of this world” expectations with customers. We find that this method is actually much more helpful because customers really just want to hear what the honest expectations are when working on their project or getting their electrical systems fixed. But, that being said, at Massella Electric, we want our team members to look for many different ways to go above and beyond what might be expected. So for instance, if there’s a place that we’re working in the home and it’s a little messy and dusty, our electricians are incentivised to actually try and clean up the place and dust off the place as they work. It’s the little details like that go a long way with our clients and help build repeat business for us.


On Time & On Budget

And man, this area right here is one of the greatest reasons why anybody works with us and why we have over sixty five star reviews about our work. If we just stay on time with our appointments and have strict schedules and make sure that we show up when we say we’re going to show up, and then on top of that don’t give customers lofty expectations of what the price may or may not be, this is going to go a tremendous long way. I can’t tell you how many times customers have cancer considered going with us or have called us because some electrician decided to not show up for their service call and decided to keep adding additional charges that were “unexpected expenses.”



And really, this is one of the most important areas of concern. When you find that only one-third of all Americans trust each other and 70% of young people think that someone would take advantage of you if they had the chance, there’s a ton of skepticism out there particularly with electricians San Diego. So what we look to do here at Massella Electric is we really have to put in the work to ensure that there is a lot of trust built up. From the professionalism of how we sound over the phone, to the specific scheduling and making sure that we communicate adequately our timelines, to the in-person interactions, where we are able to build rapport, and finally, to execute the job and get it done as quickly as possible, each area can build tremendous value and buy-in with our clients. All of this helps to build trust as people see us to be a reliable resource, they’ll be willing to spend more dollars and trust in us as advisors, not just electricians.


Much, Much More!

So these details about our business excite you and you’re finally ready to get some great electricians San Diego that can give you the works and really show you the ropes on what it takes for your home or your business to have good electrical systems, then it is about time for you to start working with us at Massella Electric. Would love to have you and I know it would be a joy for Aaron and the entire team to work with you today.